This video was compiled to commemorate time spent in Barbasco Cabanas, Honduras with the Rotary 5050 International YES team (Youth Engaged in Service). Ten incredible high school students accomplished over 80 hours of volunteer service each in their own communities and continued to share their love for people through a ten-day humanitarian service trip in a small, struggling village located near Copan Ruinas. We made relationships, met beautiful people and worked tirelessly to successfully build a complete play structure for children near the school, (the school was provided by the YES program in years past) we distributed personal hygiene kits, brought reusable feminine products for young girls, painted all school house furniture (provided by the YES team in years past as well) and built a chicken coop suitable for roughly 40 chickens.

This was an adventure of a lifetime, thank Rotary for all of their selfless donation and most of all thank God!