La Conner Rotarians helped make this year’s veggie racers at Hedlin Farms during the Festival of Family Farms tOctober 7 & 8, 2017 a great success!
Rotarians made1800 wheels this year. Added to the 700 left from last year, there were 2500 wheels waiting to be transformed into racers from beets, potatoes, squash and leeks. One box of 600 wheels was left at the end of Sunday’s festival. 
Great job to everyone who made wheels and volunteered! You brought joy and smiles to hundreds of children and famiilies. You are awesome!!!  Farmer Dave Hedlin appreciates our service and our friendship. 
Wonderful Wizards of Wheels: 
Dan Cain, Randy Goembel, Martin Howard, Dennis Milliken, Marty Pease and David Tracey
Valiant Veggie Racer Makers:
Dan Cain, Ollie Iversen, Don McKeehan, Marty Pease, David Rapella, Linda Ryan, and La Conner High School students Gavin Brown, Josue Gonzales, Sky Morse and Lark Rodriguez
Benevolent Blue Ribbon Awarders, Race Track & Art Table Monitors:
Heather Bourns, Carol Cain, Alice Collingwood, Louise & Craig Edens, Randy Goembel, Patsy Good, Cindy & David Tracey, and Whitney Meissner
Thank you!
Susan Macek & Dave Buchan