We had a full house for Lee's first meeting, including 9 guests.  Scott Dudley, his wife Christine and their 4 children helped us get to that number of guests.  
The meeting include a classification talk by Martin Howard who entertained us with his journey from Economics/History major in college  to a 31 year career with Great West Life, spending his time between Washington and Oregon.  He and Chris  retired to Skagit Valley where they bought what they named, Barking Dog Farm.  Restoring the farm house and restoring vintage cars has been his avocations in retirement.
President Lee then awarded Martin with a President's Citation for his work for Rotary in the community over the past year.
Susan Macek gave a presentation on Club Committees and handed out descriptions of the Club Directors areas and needs for committee members.  If you didn't get the hand out, Susan will have some at the meeting on the 13th.
Chuck Ackerman from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Anacortes presented our club with an opportunity for community service.  Every Sunday a late afternoon dinner is served at the church, put on by service clubs/churches/community groups to anyone in the community in need of a healthy meal and fellowship, for whatever their need.  Dave Rapella volunteered to head a group from our club. 
More information to follow.
Lee reminded us of:  July 19th, District Governor's Installation, Augut 3rd our picnic on Big Lake and August 7th Golfun on Whidbey Island.
The management of the Farmhouse has asked that we pass along to our members that there will be an increase in the price of our meals to $15.00(which includes 1 non-alcoholic beverage) starting July 13th.  There has not been an increase in price for 8 years.
Lee's thought for the day........I believe if life gives you lemons you should make lemonade ....and try to find somebody whose life has give them vodka and have party!!!
Next weeks program includes Sean Hogan speaking on Rotary-at-Large Member Category and Alex Worth, who was our H.S. Ambassador 2013-2014 to tell us about his YES experience last summer.
Rick will be Sergeant at Arms, Barney and the rest of the July team will cover the balance of duties. If you know what you are doing, team members let your President know before the meeting.