We had two very interesting speakers at the meeting:
Alex Wirth,our former ambassador from the high school brought us an update on his first year at the UW, the activities he is involved in and his desire to major in the International field.  He told us about his experience participating in the YES program through Rotary last summer in Guatemala.  He worked with 5 other high school students at Opal House, a Montessori school and  farm where they planted avocado trees.  He told us this experience was his incentive to major in International Relations.
Sean Hogan entertained us with the multiple mistakes he made as a club president.  In rethinking membership he wanted a way to enable those who could not attend regularly to enjoy full membership rights and privileges.  He began looking at the totality of membership, events worked at, extra duties assumed, e-club make-ups, board meetings attended ,social meetings.  This has enabled several members to remain active, interested and engaged.
The member at large is to attend two meetings a month, attend some district functions and make a donation once a year to the Rotary foundation and to every member every year.  The dues remain the same..the goal is to ensure the member remains connected to our Rotary club and with Rotary.
Cindy and Jerry brought us up to date on the Auction.  We need everyone's participation in this major fund raising event by:coming up with or  being part of a  team for a live auction item, obtaining silent auction items, and most of all coming to the auction and bringing guests.
The minutes for the Board meeting held after this meeting, and the Budget for both Administration and the Foundation can be found on the La Conner Rotary website, www.laconnerrotary.org;
See you July 20th at the Farmhouse.   Susan Macek will talk about committees and Linda Ryan will give a demonstration on how to use Club Runner which is our La Conner Rotary website.  She will show us how to use the email communication, member directory and record keeping program.