Pictured left to right:  Ollie Iversen, La Conner Parks Commissioner; Susan Macek, President, Rotary Club of La Conner; Mayor Ramon Hayes: Town Administrator John Doyle.
The Rotary Club of La Conner gave an early Christmas present to the Town of La Conner on Dec. 19.  During its weekly meeting, club president Susan Macek handed a $10,000 check for Conner Waterfront Park to La Conner Mayor Ramon Hayes, Town Administrator John Doyle and Park Commissioner Ollie Iversen, who is a club member.  The club had committed to three installments of $5,000 over three years but upped the ante by giving $10,000 for the final installment, for a total donation of $20,000.
“We were totally surprised when Susan handed us the last of their gifts for double the amount they had pledged,” Iversen said.  “This month we received a second matching grant, which this donation falls under, so the double we received from Rotary will again be doubled by the grant.”
The park under the Rainbow Bridge has been in the works for several years and will be moving forward toward completion starting at the first of the year.  Picnic tables and a salmon sculpture that doubles as a children’s slide are already installed.