Posted by Posted by Linda Ryan for Greg Brennan - Sonoma Valley Rotary on Jan 20, 2018
Members of Rotary Club of Sonoma Sunrise and Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley jumped into action practically at the first scent of smoke over the valley. Since then the clubs have collected and distributed at least 50 tons of dry goods, and we're working to distribute more than $400,000 we've collected via to fire victims and first responders in the valley. We're proud to be Rotarians.
We're proud to be Sonoma Strong! 
We’ve raised about $600,000—distributing it to victims and first responders in the form of cash, checks, and gift cards for local retailers. Money continues to come in, but we’re referring people to LARCA and the Redwood Credit Union funds. We hope to have fully distributed all of the money by mid-February.
The Red Grape (Sam’s business - Sam is the Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley's Foundation Treasurer) and other restaurants provided more than 12,000 meals to first responders in the early going of the fires… The first responders started calling it “The Ten Pound Fire” because of the quality of the food they enjoyed from businesses like Sam’s.
Additionally, we put together 200 “kitchen kits” for people who lost their homes in the fires – filled with pots, pans, and kitchen items to get them going again. The materials were supplied by various kitchen equipment suppliers. The value of each of those kits is about $750
We assembled and distributed food for 4000 families of four that enabled them to prepare their own dinners nearly immediately.
We also established a popup shop for people to pick up their own food and dry goods for two weeks after the fires began.
We collected and distributed more than 50 tons of dry goods, food, pet supplies and water.
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