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Sonoma Valley Rotary is Asking for Your Help
Fellow Rotarians,
As a member of the Rotary Club of La Conner WA and former Grant chair of District 5050 I have had the privilege of seeing and working with Rotarians on disaster relief projects all over the world. We now have another one very close to home, the devastating fires in Northern California. My wife, Connie, and I have a home in Sonoma CA, and though our place was thankfully spared many others were not. The area was devastated and over 5000 homes and businesses have been destroyed by fires just in the last week. Included in that were a significant number of Rotarian’s homes. Thousands of people have been evacuated and are staying in shelters or at friend’s or family’s homes.  Despite that, Rotarians have risen to the challenge. The Sonoma Valley Rotary Club has set up a fundraising effort to directly help those in the greatest immediate need. They would appreciate, and I am personally asking for, all the help we can give. We never know where the next disaster can occur and I know that if it were to happen here Rotary would be at the fore-front of the relief effort.
To give some perspective of the magnitude of the damage and the phenomenal response of the community and first responders, I have included a few photos showing the extent of the damage. I cannot say enough about the help Sonoma Valley has received from fire departments all over the United States and Canada. They, along with multiple police forces and medical personnel, have saved countless lives as well as both the downtown communities of Napa and Sonoma. As an example of that sacrifice a very active Rotarian and former President of the Sonoma Club had several fire trucks trying to (and ultimately succeeding) in saving his home only to find out that one of the firemen while saving his house had his own burn down.
Now we need to begin the rebuilding and healing process, and the Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley will be at the forefront of that. Contributions of any amount would be gratefully appreciated. 100% of the proceeds from this campaign will go to continuing the work Rotary of Sonoma Valley members are already doing to support fire victims, evacuees and first responders. The need is only beginning. I am asking all club presidents to please pass on this request to their members. As I write this, the battle is not over. Not all of the fires are contained. But I also know that every effort is being made to prevent further loss of life and homes.
Please click on the link below which will take you directly to the Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley’s #SONOMASTRONG donation page. It is simple and can be done via any computer or mobile device.
Thank you for your support!
Rick Bolduc
Rotary Club of La Conner

The Story

In the early morning hours last Monday many residents awoke to fire in  and around their homes, while the rest of Sonoma Valley was alerted by  the smell of smoke. For Rotarians, it was a call to action. Within  hours, Rotarians were providing food and basic necessities to fire  victims, evacuees and first responders. Since those early hours, Rotary  has helped to facilitate the donation, preparation and delivery of  nearly 10,000 meals, mostly to first responders while they fight to  protect people and their homes all over Sonoma Valley.  Rotary is  facilitating the collection, organization, and distribution of basic  necessities pouring in from all over the state, getting help to those  who need it, where they need it, when they need it. Rotary has already  distributed over $20,000 in gift cards and many truckloads of goods.

In  the days and weeks ahead we are focusing our efforts on helping  displaced residents stabilize and rebuild. Rotary will directly provide  funding for food, clothing, home goods, kitchen goods, transitional  housing assistance, education grants, business rebuild grants, and  whatever is needed to help victims of this devastating disaster.  Together we will rebuild Sonoma. We are #SonomaStrong.

Rotary of  Sonoma Valley is coordinating the delivery of any needed service, goods,  or funds for the direct benefit of Sonoma Valley Fire victims,  evacuees, and first responders. The club is  one of over 34,000 clubs  comprising the largest service organization in  the world. Our club  supports our local and international community through financial and  hands-on support. 100% of the proceeds from this campaign will go to  continuing the work Rotary of Sonoma Valley members are already doing to  support fire victims, evacuees and first responders. 

Rotary's motto is "Service Over Self."

Sonoma Valley Rotary Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization—Tax ID #68-0343129 

For more information or donations by check:

Marck Zuehlsdorff

Club President 

P. O. Box 910

Sonoma, CA 95476