Nyamuswa Tanzania Grant Water Project update by Vicki Dilley and Moses Lauwo.  They provided a thank you and shared updates to our Club for our Grant dollar donation.

You can see the installation of the very heavy overhead gravity water tanks and it includes the names of the Rotary Clubs who sponsored the project.
Details from the meeting:
Vicki and her husband volunteered from 1980-1983 in the Peace Corp at Taveuni, Fiji’s third largest island.  
As what seemed like a natural extension of the Peace Corp, Vicki joined the Northfield Minnesota Rotary Club of Musona in 2005, followed shortly thereafter by her husband.  From 2016 – 2022, they visited 3 different Rotary Clubs, sponsored 10-15 outbound youth exchange students and 5-6 inbound students, and 2017-2018 provided a full scholarship for a student.
Vicki met Moses, a Rotarian from the Oguma Club in Mwanza Tanzania, near Lake Victoria.  It was during that meeting that Vicki and Moses met Brian Singer, a Peace Corp Volunteer in Tanzania, and the founder of Project Zawadi.  He is flying to TZ today (2/22/2023) and will be there next week to set up a thank you Party for all the Rotarians that have participated in the project.  They will be setting up a ZOOM for the celebration, which we will receive from Moses and Vicki when they have it.
Vicki gives Moses the credit for his ability to get the project well defined, the RI Grant approved quickly, and the actions that allowed all of phase 1 to be completed, moving into phase 2 now.
Keith Stobie was a contributor to Project Zawai after learning about it while on Safari with tour company Access 2 Tanzania.  Keith brought a Grant request forward to our Club which the Board approved.
The project started with (2) Borehole wells just before the pandemic, one being 85 meters and one being 100 meters down (3 feet to a meter), so you can see the depth of the wells.  Funding was difficult during this time, however with Moses’ hard work, they were able to raise $101,600.00 to complete the project. 
The objective was to set up water storage and distribution system to provide members in the community (9000+) with clean drinking water.  We saw many pictures where the community was obtaining water, right next to fields of cows, oxen, etc so the water was terribly polluted, making the community members sick.  Brian’s goal was to educate the children and community on the importance of clean drinking water, and holds classes to teach and improve hygiene and behavior pracices that prevent the spread of disease. 
Moses joined rotary in 2015, has been the Charter President in 2015, Assistant Governor in 2018 and 2019, and is spearheading the Water Project for the Igoma Club.  Currently he is the Club President and serves as administrator for Rotary International Grant.  By trade, Moses is a Lutheran Pastor for the last 20 years, where he developed his passion for clean running water.  People walk 2-3 kilometers per day (1-3 miles) and the water they are getting is not clean, even after walking that far.
Moses started by meeting with the villagers, leaders and the Water Committee to enlist their support of the project, followed by surveying the existing water infrastructure to determine what was needed, the funding required, opening the bank account, developing the agreement on the Project, and proceeded to complete the project with (2) spigots in a 3-month period.
Participants (members of the community) are charged a fee of about $1.00 per month, which is still expensive to them.  It saves them having to walk so far for water, and also ensures the water is clean and prevents diseases for their good health.  This is turn allows the doctors and hospitals less costs for healthcare in the area.
To lay the pipes for the water system, all trenches were dug by hand and 6000 meters of pipe were laid for the local community and schools.  Solar panels for pumping water to the overhead tanks were installed.
Wow, what a great Program sharing and Project that we had the opportunity to become involved with.