Speaker Date Topic
David Rapella Jun 03, 2019
Medical Surgery Ship
Ryan Hiller Jun 10, 2019
LCSD Tech Programs
Jim & Jeanne Khalis Jun 17, 2019
A new museum
Pam Narron Jun 24, 2019
Installation Banquet
Eric Golub Sep 16, 2019
Using Humor For Better Advocacy And Unity

Eric Golub is a national Jewish columnist, author, speaker and comedian who has spoken in all
50 states. “Jewish Lunacy” is his newest comedy book where he teaches people how to use
humor to be better advocates for their religion of choice. He also speaks about American
politics, foreign policy, and the stock market. In his spare time, he monitors the Middle East
Studies departments of college campuses and exposes anti-Israel professors. Before going on
the speaking circuit, he spent 15 years as a stockbrokerage and oil professional on Wall Street.
He lives in Los Angeles. His hobbies include the National Football League, trying new
hamburger joints, and watching “Murder, She Wrote.”

Brad Whitaker Oct 21, 2019
District Governor
David Rapella & Doug Jones Nov 11, 2019
Veterans Day