At our Jan. 22 meeting,David Lukov was attending our meeting as a funeral director for the Jones family and expressed it was his honor to get to know Doug's daughters.
When Kelley Jones heard David was DG of District 5050 as well as their funeral director, they both felt Doug was smiling from heaven. Kelley shared that Doug Jones' passing was peaceful and that he was so touched by our event in December honoring him. Kelley shared that the main lesson she learned from her dad was to "Enjoy the moment and be present with the people you really cared about" and that Doug lived by that motto until his last breath.
 Natalie Johnson Milligan was a Rotary International District 5050 Ambassador Scholar in 1995 attending the University of Otago in New Zealand. She said the experience really did change her life and believes in the Rotary "Service above Self". She got her postgraduate degree there from the School of Physical Education and then got invited back as a teaching assistant. From there she attended physical therapy school in Australia. She lived a total of 7 years in New Zealand and 2 years in Australia.
She also met her husband while in New Zealand. At that time the Rotary club was all men, but the women participated in all their events and projects except meetings. When she returned, she tried to apply to the Linden club but was denied as a woman. David assured us things have changed since then. She serves with other service organizations in the Linden area and has a PT practice in Birch Bay.
Some of our SPARC (Skagit Preschool and Resource Center) families sent thank-you notes.
Marty Pease is leading a tourist-type trip to Honduras 4/3-10. We will spend time in the villages and also do tourist activities in Copan. Contact Marty if you are interested.
Our next meeting will be the unveiling of the Poetry Festival poster. Invite your friends for an evening of camaraderie as it is our fifth Monday.