New Addition for Santa Breakfast 2017 -- PET PHOTOS! 


We’re excited to offer this new opportunity for pet photos with your family or by themselves, and we are grateful to Town Hall for granting us access for pets.  It is very important that you follow these instructions to ensure that all goes well and we can do this again next year





Pets must be kept in your car until it is time for their photos.  They are not allowed in the hall with you during the breakfast.  You may get them when you are finished eating and ready for your Santa photo session.
All pets must be on leash or in carriers.
Pets will be brought in through the door in the covered sculpture alcove on Commercial Street near the stage and taken onto the stage only when Santa is ready for them.
Pets must be brought in with one family at a time and must be taken back out as soon as their photo shoots are finished.
Please make sure your pet has had a chance to relieve himself and be prepared to clean up immediately if there is a mishap.
We are really looking forward to adding cute pet photos to cute kid and family photos and thank you in advance for helping us make this new offering a success.