What do 2000 Wheels and 500 Veggie Race Cars equal?   Happy Children!

What a great turnout from our club to make wheels and then volunteer to make the veggie racers October 1 & 2, 2016 at Hedlin Farms - Festival of Family Farms. Thank you! 
The Hedlin family was most appreciative, and there were lots of smiles everywhere - kids, parents, grandparents, dogs too! 
Thank you to wheel makers David Rapella, David Tracey, Dan Cain, Martin Howard, Marty Pease, Dennis Milliken and Dave Buchan. 
Thank you to our veggie racer volunteers during the Festival:  David Rapella, Dee & Lee Carlson, Heather Bourns, Alice Collingwood (and her Aunt Carol), Patsy Good, Charity Starkenburg, Louise & Craig Edens, Martin Howard, Cindy & Dave Tracey, Marty Pease, Randy Goembel,  Linda Sanford (friend), John Clark (friend), Susan Macek & Dave Buchan. We had a few high school helpers too, and are grateful for their support.