The Latest News from the "Make it Happen" Club
At our July 1, 2024, Rotary Meeting.
 Chuck Yaw shared the inspiration for the evening with quotes relating to Independence Day. 
Adam McGarity presented a $2,000 grant check voted by the board, to support La Conner Coop preschool scholarships for low-income students.  Our guests, Chelsy Mesman, Director, and Debbie Thulen, lead teacher, and Tamsen O’Hagen, teacher, came up to accept the symbolic check. 
Debbie Thulen provided background.  Located on the grounds of La Conner Elementary School in a portable classroom, loaned for free, but without maintenance.  Money can get tight for the preschool. Because if something needs to be fixed, we must find a place in our budget. We are under the umbrella of Skagit Valley College, but we don't receive government federal or state funding.  All the money we raise to pay the teachers, get some supplies, and do what we want to do is all just from the direct tuition we charge the parents. We want to keep the tuition low so people can attend.   There's always a balance of trying to keep costs down but also chartered to meet our expenses.
Very appreciative of this grant that Rotary gave us because it can allow us to be more generous with scholarships to low-income families. If the budget is tight, we can only offer one right now. This grant will give us a lot of room to have a good scholarship fund going, so that cost wouldn't be anything that would prohibit someone from coming.
For history, the coop has been operating on the campus of La Conner for about 38 years. I've been there over 15 years.
In the last probably two to three years, we've started to see the parents coming back with their kids who are kids who were in the coop themselves. And now they're bringing their children to go to preschool. So that's been a really fun thing to see and share.  We're very excited about the opportunity to be able to offer more scholarships with this grant and not have to have any family stress about being able to afford it.  It makes a huge difference. And we very much appreciate your generosity in this. We're very excited.   Thank You.
Audrey pinned Patsy Good with her director pin for Community Services.
We have many spaces open for guest speakers. If you know somebody who would be a good speaker Rotary Club of La Conner, please let Karen Ryan know.
Audrey’s closing remarks, I found this quote from Audrey Hepburn.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.
Harvesting Hope for Literacy
Historical tradition provides that people gather, celebrate, and share a bountiful harvest with a feast.
The Rotary Club of La Conner will gather to share fellowship, promote peace and understanding, honor one another, and share our prosperity.
All proceeds further promotion of Rotary education and humanitarian projects.
Saturday, August 24, 2024, 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Maple Hall, 104 Commercial St, La Conner
We see a need: 
❖ Continuing education opportunities for all
❖ Every Child with the tools necessary to learn
❖ Food security every day
❖ Art and poetry in the Classroom
❖ Monthly Books from birth to age five
❖ Leadership experiences for students
❖ Education opportunities beyond our borders
❖ Polio-free world
 So, we apply Rotary Magic:
❖ Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
❖ Principal discretionary Grants
❖ Weekend nourishment for kids
❖ Art Supplies for students
❖ Poetry in the Classroom
❖ Imagination Library
❖ Youth Engaged in Service
❖ Honduras schools and students
❖ Libraries in Honduras & Guatemala
❖ Rotary International Polio Plus
And so much more!

In Honor of Leo Roozen
Gourmet dinner, preceded by appetizers offered during the Silent Auction, 
provided by La Conner Prime Rib & Seafood
Paired with wine provided by Skagit Crest Winery
$100.00 per person
At our June 24, 2024, Rotary Club of La Conner meeting, we installed 2024-2025 directors.  2023-24 President Connie Milliken and Dennis Milliken presented a parting gift to everyone.
Connie with our assistant governor Susan Guterbock.
Connie introduced Rob Martin.
Rob announced all of the new directors and installed those present:
From left to right :
Connie Milliken  Past President
Lori Buher  Vice President
Don Wolf Treasurer 
Keith Stobie  Secretary and Public Relations
Doug Moore Vocational Services
Karen Ryan Club Services
Adam McGarity Youth Services and Club Foundation President
Pam Narron  Foundation and Club Foundation Vice President
Christi King  Membership
Rob installed President-Elect 2024-25 Audrey Gravley.
Dave Duskin (District Governor 2024-25) joined the group:

Left to Right
Karen, Doug, Keith, Dave, Audrey, Connie, Rob, Lori, Adam, Christi, Don, Pam, Danielle Mullen.
Incoming president Audrey thanked outgoing president Connie with flowers.
Connie created a set of poster boards showing our Rotary Club's accomplishments over the past year.
At our  June 17, 2024 Rotary Club of La Conner - All Member Meeting.
Stefano Calalani, Executive Director MONA visited our Club to thank us for our generous $750 Grant donation to MONA Youth Programs.  Stefano also thanked the Club for volunteering at the 2024 MONA auction, which was the most successful to date in raising funds for the Museum ever!   Stefano shared about the Youth Program that includes learnings inside the Museum and in nature throughout the community.  Children in the program go to the Mud Flats to see what is growing, and visit the Padilla Bay Reserve System tanks to see the symbiotic relationship from the mountains to the bay,  The July program is sold out and our grant donation allows 2 teenagers to participate.  Children in the program are allowed to express themselves using art and creativity.  Many of these students do not have an environment that allows them to freely express themselves, so the program creates with them a community of their peers where they can share their ideas and creativity. 
The Rotary Club of La Conner is one of the Sponsor Clubs for the Skagit Valley Rotaract.  Our speaker, Corrine Hamburg President Elect Rotaract of Skagit Valley,
shared that Skagit Rotaract kicked off April 6, 2023, with a Charter Event at Tulip Valley Farm.  Many of us attended that event which was hosted by Adam McGarity our Youth Director. 
Corrine shared that they meet the 1st Thursday of the month from 6-7:00 pm and rotate locations.  This year they will rotate less often since it is hard for the members to always remember where the Club will meet.  Their policy is that members must attend 50% of all meetings, and their volunteer work counts as make-up sessions.  The Club loves to volunteer, partnering with Skagit Valley Clubs doing work parties, auction help and anything else that the community needs.  Since all of the Rotaract Skagit Valley members are young professionals, they volunteer on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
Rotaract wants to support the community through service.  They work at Helping Hands La Conner Food Bank, Berry Dairy Days, Fidalgo Club Auction, our Santa Breakfast, bagging tulips at Tulip Valley in support of “Ethan’s Smile” tulip sales, and any place they can see help is needed.  They will be volunteering to help at our Auction in August again this year.  They volunteer to connect with the community to connect Rotaract with all Rotary Clubs in the area.  They feel we are all stronger when we partner and allows us all to get to know each other.  Most of the Rotaract members LOVE to volunteer but do not enjoy fundraising events to raise money for their Club.  They try to select fundraising events that allow them to “sell a product” rather than to ask for money.  They sell hotdogs at the Riverfront Concert Series, and they sell Poinsettias during the Holidays.  That they very much enjoy since the products “sell themselves”.  Corrine encouraged Rotarians to join their Club since you can be a member of both and the age limit of 35 years has been lifted.  The initial membership fee is $50, with a $50 per year fee.  They are also working with the Snohomish Club on a Water Quality Project in Guatemala via YES program and are very excited to travel in October to work on this program.
Thank you Corrine and Heather for sharing with us and with all the volunteer help and partnerships!
Adam McGarity shared the inspiration for the evening. 
With the upcoming Juneteenth Holiday, Adam wanted to share some thoughts about the Holiday and ideas on how best to celebrate and recognize it.  Adam found an article written by Tim Wise “Why Juneteenth Matters To White People, Too”.  In his writing Tim encourages us all to Listen, Learn and Change while we can to commemorate Juneteenth – June 19, 1865, the day enslaved persons in Texas first learned they were free, two-and-a-half years after the Emancipation Proclamation.  We all need to learn and talk about our history, confronting the truth that allows this nation’s promises of liberty for everyone, all lives.  “The liberation of black people is the only hope for our own.  We must commemorate Juneteenth—a day of deliverance from one form of racist evil—by recommitting to a fuller liberation that can deliver the nation from more subtle forms. This comes not from a place of guilt but one of responsibility. We are not guilty for the world as we find it, but we have found it all the same. And if that world has marginalized some as it has elevated others—in this case, ourselves—responsibility requires us to say “enough. And to celebrate those steps on the road to something better.”
Thank you so much Adam for such a moving inspiration!

June 14th was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new pavilion at Conner Waterfront Park. Our club was a major donor toward the project. The idea of the park was started in 2012 and through the efforts of many has become a beautiful waterside park. The pavilion was the last step in the completion of the project. 
We are a hands-on service club dedicated to improving lives locally and around the world. We do this by promoting and investing in literacy, public health and community service.  We are the club people want to join, because we have fun while making a difference.  Our La Conner Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.  Our tax ID# is 26-2730981.  Learn More About Our Club
Please note that we meet most Mondays at The Farmhouse starting at 5:45pm.  Please check the speaker list and/or event schedule for changes to the venue for the Monday meeting.

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